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Privacy Policy

In using the services (herein referred to as "services") managed by Sunrise Auction Inc. (herein referred to as “we” or “our company), we have established the below privacy policy addressing the personal information our company obtains about its customers. We will work to ensure that this personal information is properly protected.
  1. Collection of personal information
  2. When using this site, we will obtain the below personal information on the customer in order to provide them with excellent and efficient service.
    * Information relating to transaction history linked with information that can identify customers when the customer bids on a product supplied by the site, or applies for other transactions.
    * Contact information such as name, address, email address, phone number, fax number, Bidder ID, password, etc.
    * Other information (language options, company, occupation, etc.).
    * Credit card details, bid price for auctioned items, costs incurred, etc.
    * Information relating to subscriptions, such as e-mail magazines from our company.
    * Information relating to verbal remarks or written text when answering questions or the site or participating in a survey campaign via telephone, e-mail or other means.
    * Photos and other such materials provided for products you wish to sell.
    * Social media information (accounts, comments, messages, etc.).
    * Information relating to the IP address used by your computer to connect to the Internet and identification of your mobile device.
    * Information relating to your browser type, version, operating system, platform, etc., the page(s) you were viewing (URL), the date/time of viewing, which products were displayed or searched for, etc.
    In addition to the above, information that is collected and stored automatically for each customer, such as access information obtained using cookies. The browser settings allow you to change cookies settings to disable cookies. As a result, all or part of the service on the web page may become unavailable.

  3. Purpose of using personal information
  4. We will use your personal information within the scope of the following purposes.

    When a registered member of our site uses the service, personal information will be used to automatically display member information on various screens, and to authenticate the identity of the member during and after login.
    Personal information will be used for delivery of products to customers, billing, sending email, postal mail, goods, and providing user support.
    Personal information will be used to contact you, to confirm shipping and verify products you successfully bid on.
    Personal information will be used to send information to the customer such as email newsletters.
    Access history log files are collected and used as information to protect the site and the data in our possession from unauthorized access and attacks.
    We may commission or delegate services such as sending emails, mail, products, providing user support, and statistical analysis processing to other companies. We will only provide the personal information necessary for the company to provide the contracted services. These companies are obligated to comply with our "Personal Information Protection Provisions (Privacy Policy)" and forbidden to use personal information for other purposes.

  5. Handling of personal information
  6. We will properly and strictly manage your personal information to prevent external leaks. We will strive to protect your personal information by implementing safety measures at appropriate and reasonable levels to address unauthorized outside access.

  7. Disclosure and provision of personal information
  8. We do not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties (excluding contractors) without obtaining consent. However, note that in the following instances we may disclose or provide personal information without consent.
    * When legally stipulated, or when disclosure/provision is demanded disclosed by municipal organizations, such as by a court or the police.
    * When a company partnered with our company for services requires personal information.
    * When we contract service-related tasks to a third party.

  9. Accuracy and safety of data
  10. The site may ask you for your cooperation to ensure the accuracy and the quality of your personal data.
    To ensure security, the site uses Secure Sockets Layer (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent the interception, interference, or tampering of important information (such as personal data or credit card numbers) at time of entry.

  11. Saving and transferring personal information
  12. Personal information collected from customers is stored by our company.
    Your personal information may be transferred and stored outside of your country.
    By submitting personal data, customers agree to this transfer, storage and processing.
    We take all suitable and necessary measures to ensure that your data is handled safely according to this Privacy Policy.

  13. Confirmation of personal data in our possession
  14. We will promptly investigate and respond to requests made by the customer to confirm, correct, add, delete, or suspend the use of personal data. We will not respond to these requests if we cannot confirm that you are the user to whom the information belongs.
    Contact Sunrise Auction Inc.

  15. Understanding usage conditions, reviewing improvements to service
  16. We use Google Analytics, which is provided by Google, to understand and analyze the usage of our services in order to provide services that are better suited to your interests and needs. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze your service usage. How Google collects and uses access information is determined by the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.
    Google Analytics Terms of Use
    Google Privacy Policy

    You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing the "Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On" from the following pages and changing the browser add-on settings.
    Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on

  17. Organizational structure
  18. This site is responsible for the management of personal information and provides an appropriate management and continuous improvement of personal information.

  19. Compliance with laws and regulations
  20. We will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information protection.
Revised 2018/05/25

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